Online home coaching

We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to experience ABM remotely in this challenging time, to perpetuate and facilitate continuing growth and learning for your child.

This learning can take place during a video-call with the parent (or caregiver) and the child.

During the assessment of the situation, we see opportunities and possibilities to help and advise the parent in what they can do with their child. In how they can help their child learn new things in an easy way.

However, an important part of this way of learning is that the adult becomes a critical part of co-creating this process to help the child’s brain learn new things and change the old, insufficient patterns in the brain.

The adult is given the opportunity to improve his own feeling, improving his own quality of touch. This helps to shift the focus from repairing to connecting with their child to bring about change and new learning. This feeling of yourself and learning through your own experience in movement is an important part of this lesson plan.

That is why I ask for a minimum commitment of a block of three lessons of +/- 30 minutes per lesson.

If you are not familiar with the method, you can find the necessary and essential information in Anat Baniel’s book “Kids Beyond Limits”, and if possible the 5-day “Parent and Child with Special Needs workshop”.

For more information and for lesson times:

+32 478 645 990