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 Gulay – Bartu, 8: ADHDmarianne nelissen testimonial

Hi dear Marianne,

Many thanks your magic hands. Bartu is very good. After your lessons Bartu wants to try everything, he wants to be successful. He is more interested in what is happening around him. He listens to us more too. He can sit still much better.

We have little cars at our home but Bartu never liked to play with them, he only liked animals. Now like his peers Bartu can use remote controlled cars. While we are watching  television Bartu is watching television too, and he asks questions on the subject.

We are happy.

marianne nelissen testimonial Lena S – Maryam Anna, 8
midbrain hypoplasia

Dear Marianne,

Maryam has just crawled by herself again a little bit! Unbelievable! Just after she had lessons with you! Thank you very much for everything once again.

Take care.
Sincerely, Lena.

marianne nelissen testimonial Lena S – Maryam Anna, 8
midbrain hypoplasia

Looking back at our year with ABM (plus acupuncture plus training at home), I come to a conclusion that this was our BEST time.

During this time Maryam made so much progress and developed into a very happy child.

These things are very evident to me.  We hope we will be able to carry on with the ABM in the near future.

Take care.
Sincerely, Lena.

 Kristinmarianne nelissen testimonial


Ik heb de laatste 3 dagen geen last meer gehad van rugpijn bij het opstaan ‘s morgens en ik kan weer zonder problemen mijn schoenen vastmaken.

Een resultaat veel beter dan ik had durven hopen na 1 behandeling.

marianne nelissen testimonial Lena S – Maryam Anna, 8
midbrain hypoplasia

We have met the ABM method and Marianne in September 2013. At this time, we were at an impasse.

My daughter (8 years old, severe global developmental retardation) has completely refused to work after the intensive treatment plan at home. She cried a lot and wanted to be left alone. We went to Belgium for 5 days and got 10 lessons. When we got home, Maryam stopped crying and was much more peaceful. We were able to continue with our routine daily work, especially crawling on the floor made her happy again. In the following time we regularly visited Marianne.

Maryam has been active and joyful. At the end of January she could crawl on the floor.  We’ve practiced this with her for more than 3 years now and she could only do this with support, because she didn’t use her left side. Since January, she uses her left leg! Also she began to crawl without being motivated.

We are very glad to have met Marianne. She is a very dedicated ABM teacher; she is very loving in her work with children and she takes every opportunity to expand her expertise.

ABM is a great method. I hope all parents with “special needs” children will discover the method…

the sooner, the better!

marianne nelissen testimonial Irina – Ivan, 8: CP and Autism Spectrum

We have tried the ABM for the first time in April 2013. It was so unusual and sometimes even strange, but it was obvious that something important was happening in Ivan’s brain. Since that time we have taken 7 courses with the different practitioners, and I can see his progress:

  1. His walking skills are more mature and stable.
  2. He can run faster and faster, without falling down.
  3. He can finally go upstairs and downstairs! Easy, with pleasure, and so fast!
  4. He uses more sounds to express himself on his emotions or essential needs!
  5. After the 6th course – the imitation skills have finally arrived into our life! At the age of 8,5!  Now we can show the tongue to each other without a mirror, and we are doing the sound “Aaaaa”  when we want to get fun, also without a mirror! That’s fantastic! After the 7th course I see that he is imitating all who is opening the mouth – both people or toys.
  6. After the 7th course Ivan has started touching his hairs – in front of the mirror or without it. Also we are doing new silly games with his legs or arms before his bedtime – it looks like he has achieved a new level of awareness of his body!
  7. After the 5th course of ABM lessons Ivan discovered a space under the sofa-bed – it looks like a tunnel. He began to creep inside to get a lost toy, but he was unable to move back or pass through this tunnel without crying and inviting me to help. After the 7th course he did it!  He was so excited with the idea to get his toy that he dived into this tunnel with no hesitation and crawled out as a winner!

The most wonderful impression for me as a mom of Ivan is that – if you don’t lose hope, ABM  is a great chance to recover and revive all levels of the brain as a central nervous system. The impossible is possible. Just keep doing this therapy, and the recovery onto the “early levels’ of your child’s development will create a wonderful basis for the overall improvement onto the current level where you kid is now.

It is a miracle and it is a reality in the same time! I want to say “Thank you” from deep of my heart to Anat Baniel, to Marianne Nelissen, Juan Carlos, Billy, Kate, Lynn – to all wonderful practitioners who have dedicated their life and all their best efforts for the recovery of my son Ivan!

Best wishes and hugs.

marianne nelissen testimonial Mira – Milan, 2: CP

In general we can tell you that we are very satisfied and deeply happy and thankful that we heard of this therapy and Marianne and that her practice is not that far away from where we live. Our son Milan has cerebral palsy because he didn’t have enough oxygen during birth. He faces challenges with his complete motor development. He gets lessons from Marianne since he was 4 1/2 months, more or less every 2-3 weeks a set of 6 lessons.

Already after the first session he started to show great interest and enthusiasm to discover and do things by himself. Directly after the first set of lessons, when we came back home, he started to turn on both of his sides, what he had never done before. Every time we go to Marianne he starts to do some new little things, he becomes much more active.

He laughs all the time having great fun, discovering something new and finding new ways to move around.

Our experience with Milan is that ABM therapy inspires a child to do things by himself. Classical therapies often push him over his current capacities, making him scared and not willing to do certain movements, because he doesn’t know how. ABM opens child’s mind, inspiring him to find out things by himself, which is a pure pleasure for every child.

We are lucky that we have Marianne, who is very enthusiastic, very positive and completely dedicated to her work with Milan. Honestly, every time we had to go to doctors or classical therapists with Milan we felt really bad and were very scared what they would say next. With Marianne we are always very relaxed and we look at our son full of pride and enthusiasm.

Marianne knows how to connect with Milan in a very gentle way, to understand him, to follow his thoughts and actions and to inspire him in a very sophisticated way to move his limits to the next level. I don’t know how this method works, but IT DOES WORK !

We recommend this therapy with our whole heart. We are very sure we will achieve great results. How long it will take and what results exactly will be achieved is very difficult to say, because every child as every person is unique. We do have a lot of hope and confidence that it is possible to make great progress.

 Vee – Keir, 8:
micropthalmic syndromic type 6
marianne nelissen testimonial

We are so grateful that we found Marianne.

Since starting ABM lessons with her, Keir has become more balanced, calmer, enlivened and happier.  More creative.  More Keir!  He seems to be discovering his body as more a part of himself, his muscle tone is markedly improving, and he’s enjoying how high he can lift his pelvis in the air now, how fast he can ‘run away’ down the corridor to the bedroom.

He is able to cope with challenges that might previously been very upsetting for him and has more confidence in his abilities. And, perhaps equally importantly, so do I.