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Marianne Nelissen ABM

Marianne Nelissen
ABM Practitioner

I studied under Master Teacher Anat Baniel from 2009 to 2012 to become an ABM Practitioner. I completed three mastery programs with Anat to qualify for working with infants and children with special needs, with adults with neurological problems, with older people and with high performers (e.g. athletes, musicians, dancers, executives, etc).

My certifications are: Certified Anat Baniel Method Practitioner℠ – basic training

Mastery Certifications:
• Anat Baniel Method for Children with Special Needs℠
• Anat Baniel Method for Anti-Aging and Vitality℠
• Anat Baniel Method for High Performers℠

I work from my home practice and I travel to many different countries to work with children with special needs.

I now work daily with children with the following issues:

• Scoliosis
• Cerebral Palsy CP
• Down’s Syndrome
• ADD, ADHD, and Autism
• Learning Disabilities
• Genetic Disorders
• Developmental Delays
• Congenital defect
• Birth related defect
• Brain trauma

And I also work with adult clients with these problems:

• Chronic back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain
• Balance issues and coordination issues
• Limited movement and stiffness
• Pain and recovery from trauma, injury, accident and surgery
• Occupational stress or repetitive strain
• Brain damage
• Neurological issues such as MS, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease
• Physical disabilities
• Symptoms associated with aging